1. twodragsoflife:

    Super Psyched to wake up this morning and see my first short film

    "In Search of Dean Petty" - Shot for Desillusion Magazine thedeathofcool

    Captured entirely on Kodak Super 8mm film

    Check it out here: http://www.desillusion-mag.com/deanpetty

    Full photo essay titled “Give me Ten Years” in the new Desillusion Tome 2 photo book.

    Huge thanks to szanella and Billabong for the support on this one!


  2. jonnyoptimo:



    (courtesy of Your Guide to Illinois and Wisconsin, Dan Caruso)

    This summer has seen some great AG Instagram takeovers, thanks to the likes of Brett Klein, our friends at Fly Over Me Valentine, Travis Huggett, and David Buckley Borden. But we’ve still got a few more weeks of glorious summertime, so keep an eye on our Instagram account as Dan Caruso and Co. head out from Chicago on a classic American family vacation.

    Get off at the next exit and follow the trip at instagram.com/americanguide.

    Head over to Instagram and check it out while I take over The American Guide account as I take the fam out on the road down to Florida!

  3. Upper Peninsula, MI

  4. Anywhere, USA

  5. Wrapping up the weekend at Torch Lake

  6. Fauxloroids - Bellaire, MI

  7. Fauxloroids - 131N = Torch Lake, Bellaire MI

  8. Fauxloroids - On the set of Henry Gamble

  9. I55S

  10. Chicago Fire vs. Tottenham Hotspur

  11. Millennium and Grant Parks, Chicago IL

  12. San Diego Padres vs. Chicago Cubs

  13. selektormagazine:

    Daniel Arnold

    Photographers A-Z

    Selektor Magazine

    This dude fucking kills it every day.

  14. Chicago, IL

  15. Lawrence Ave., Uptown Chicago IL