1. Fauxloroids - Bellaire, MI

  2. Fauxloroids - 131N = Torch Lake, Bellaire MI

  3. Fauxloroids - On the set of Henry Gamble

  4. I55S

  5. Chicago Fire vs. Tottenham Hotspur

  6. Millennium and Grant Parks, Chicago IL

  7. San Diego Padres vs. Chicago Cubs

  8. selektormagazine:

    Daniel Arnold

    Photographers A-Z

    Selektor Magazine

    This dude fucking kills it every day.

  9. Chicago, IL

  10. Lawrence Ave., Uptown Chicago IL

  11. Independence Day weekend family get together at Lake Chautauqua.

  12. 4th of July 2014, Chautauqua Lake NY

  13. Wandering the hoods - Uptown and Lincoln Square

  14. 10 Great Editing Moments. Some great editing, but narrowing it to 10 is tough. 

  15. Update: Azark Farm

    I crested the hill on Moon Rd. and my memories of sitting with my father at Uncle Art’s kitchen table came rushing back. Last year he was telling stories of buying the farm, tending the land, and raising his family. Today, the house still stands, but is nothing more than a charred shell.

    Uncle Art died of smoked inhalation on April 17, 2014 at the age of 93. An electrical fire started in the kitchen and spread throughout the house. All that remains is the Azark Farm barn, which burnt to the ground in 1953. Art rebuilt and tended the land for the next 60 years. With his wife Elsie dying in 2012, Art rarely left the farm, always saying “I’m gonna stay here with Mom.” Elsie’s ashes lived on the shelf. They were inseparable in life and now in death.

    With bobcats littering the yard, demolition is inevitable. The property will sell, but Uncle Art’s stories and legacy will live on.

    RIP Arthur Carlson 1920-2014
    Azark Farm 1952-2014